październik, 2021to

Ethereum Jumps 21% Higher This Week, Second Largest Crypto Market Nears All-Time High

After bitcoin reached its all-time high (ATH) on Wednesday, the second-largest crypto

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Bitcoin price flash crashes by 87% to $8K on Binance.US

BTC/USD “crashes” 87% on Binance’s U.S. platform, drawing irritation from traders who

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Iota launches beta smart contracts to foster interoperability

The platform will enable developers to set individual parameters for execution fees, a

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China’s state planning agency calls for public opinion on Bitcoin mining ban

The move could signal plans by Chinese authorities to amend its previous negative stance

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Nigerian Agency Refuses Blockchain Start-Up Application — Says Tech Not Recognized by Government

Nigeria’s company registration agency, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), reportedly

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Sanctioned Russian oligarch urges central bank to embrace Bitcoin

The U.S. Treasury asked cryptocurrency companies to ensure compliance with sanctions last

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Sources Say Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF Set to Launch on Nasdaq This Week

After the Proshares Bitcoin Strategy exchange-traded fund (ETF) listed and smashed

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Bitcoin gains $2K in hours after BTC price bounces near previous all-time high

Weak stocks and fresh worries over Evergrande fail to keep Bitcoin down for long as

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PleasrDAO adds $4M ‘OG NFT’ Wu-Tang Clan album to its collection

‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ has been dubbed the OG NFT, and now PleasrDAO has turned

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Animoca Brands doubles valuation to $2.2B with new $65M funding round

Animoca has raised $65 million in its latest funding round, with more than 43.8 million

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