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Bitcoin price dips below $38K as crypto sentiment nears 'extreme fear’

It took a matter of days for Bitcoin to fall to two-week lows, but sentiment managed to

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SafeMoon pump and dump lawsuit targets Jake Paul, Soulja Boy, and others

The new proposed class action alleges that SafeMoon recruited a number of celebrities to

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BTC helps our effort to unseat a 20+ year incumbent: Aarika Rhodes on Bitcoin Day

Rhodes highlighted the difficulty for grassroots candidates like herself to compete

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Want to weed out ransomware? Regulate crypto exchanges

Ransomware will remain a major threat moving into 2022, and to counter it, the crypto

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Web3 might be crypto’s key to the mainstream market

Decentralization vs. centralization: Web3 may be right around the corner, but the race

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More playing and less earning will make better Metaverse games

Blockchain’s interoperability may be the key to both the macroeconomics of metaverse

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Multichain recovers $2.6M stolen funds, to reimburse losses on condition

The cross-chain router protocol recovered nearly 50% of the total stolen funds and

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OpenSea smart contract upgrade to delist inactive NFTs on Ethereum

As a part of the planned upgrade, all OpenSea users will need to migrate their existing

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Analyst say Ethereum price could fall to $1,700 if the current climate prevails

Traders warn that ETH price could fall to $1,700, triggering a “turbo nuke” in altcoins

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NFTs and DeFi are revolutionizing real estate investing and homeownership — Here’s how

NFTs, DeFi, crypto-backed mortgages and fractionalized ownership are the new trends set

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