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Bitcoin derivatives data forecasts sub-$30K BTC price heading into Friday’s $800M options expiry

Bulls placed too much hope on $32,000 flipping to support, an error that is bound to show

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Self-regulatory orgs for crypto keep ecosystem afloat pending clear regulations

In places where crypto has no solid legal framework, self-regulatory organizations act as

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​​Launched of Service to Build NFT Marketplaces, Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud on Wednesday said it will help build NFT marketplaces in a quick and

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Bamboo Aims to Make Crypto Investing More Interesting

To make crypto investment easier and less scary for consumers, Bamboo invents a savings

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Polygon taps Airbnb’s director of HR to spearhead its decentralized workforce

Cointelegraph spoke to Polygon’s newly appointed global head of HR, Bhumika Srivastava,

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Crypto exchange Binance seeks critical licenses in Philippines, CEO says

The exchange platform is looking to get virtual assets service provider and e-money

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Lithuania aims to tighten crypto regulation and ban anonymous accounts

The country decided to act in advance of upcoming EU regulations that could effectively

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No more power surge: Community celebrates as Ropsten testnet merge goes live

Musician Jonathan Mann celebrated the merge singing "no more power surge" and "ETH to the

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Attackers loot $5M from Osmosis in LP exploit, $2M returned soon after

Attackers have exploited a bug in the Osmosis exchange to the tune of $5M as FireStake

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Anchor dev claims he warned Do Kwon over unsustainable 20% interest rate

Mr. B alleges that the platform was designed only to offer an interest rate of 3.6%, but

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