lipiec, 2021to

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey keeps saying ‘no’ to Ethereum

Despite Twitter releasing 140 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, Twitter’s CEO continues to

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Bitcoin bulls must now defend $33K support after 5% daily loss

A test of support levels is on the cards after resistance takes control of Bitcoin’s

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Bitcoin Exchange Supply Ratio Drops Significantly

BTC whale accounts are moving their assets from exchanges to digital

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Coinbase Is Launching A Crypto App Store

In a company blog post released this week, major crypto exchange Coinbase has shared that

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Celsius users to receive yield from its $200M Bitcoin mining investment

“There’s nothing better than building a factory that makes Bitcoin,” said Celsius CEO,

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Fed Vice Chair Quarles Says Digital Dollar Could Pose Significant Risks to US Banking System

The Federal Reserve’s vice chairman of supervision and the chair of the Financial

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US Congressman Calls for Law Allowing Government to Reverse Cryptocurrency Transactions

A U.S. congressman has called for a law that allows the government to identify

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How Ethereum Can Reach $2 Trillion In Market Cap, Matthew Sigel

Ethereum has had a lot of growth in the past year. Growing more than bitcoin and

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NFL Star Tom Brady Determined To Stake Big In The Crypto Field

The crypto bug is seemingly proving to be having a big bite on the sports industry as Tom

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Crypto miner claims all major Yunnan operations shut down in advance of CCP anniversary

It's unclear if the shutdowns are due to orders passed down from above or the result of

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