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Monero community concerned as leading mining pool nears 51% of ecosystem’s total hash rate

The sharp increase in MineXMR's mining hash rate in the past few months has led some XMR

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Marshall Islands officially recognizes DAOs as legal entities

The Pacific Island state, long keen to adopt blockchain technology, recognizes

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Warren Buffett invests $1B in Bitcoin-friendly neobank, dumps Visa and Mastercard stocks

The "Oracle of Omaha" now has more companies in his portfolio that have direct/indirect

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US lawmaker introduces bill for government-backed insurance of 'qualified’ stablecoins

"For cryptocurrency to grow and thrive ... we must provide more direction and certainty

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Bitcoin spikes to $44.5K amid fresh warning over 'exceptionally high’ stocks correlation

Resistance still has a shot at being flipped on Feb. 15, but it looks like anything but

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Climate-focused Hyphen aims to hold companies accountable for eco-data reporting

“Corporations need the ability to accurately track and report their scope 1, 2 and 3

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Digital ruble trial goes live as Bank of Russia insists on Bitcoin ban

The Bank of Russia reports on the first digital ruble tests as planned but continues to

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Belarus president signs decree to support free circulation of crypto

The decree provides a legal basis for Belarus Hi-Tech Park to set up a register of crypto

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Bitcoin hits $44K after Canada emergency powers accompany 6% BTC price increase

Plans to include crypto in enhanced surveillance by the Canadian government have the

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Russian ministry wants to legalize Bitcoin mining in specific areas

The proposal aims to recognize crypto mining as a commercial activity and introduce taxes

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