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Bitcoin Mining Company Cleanspark to Kick-Start 20 MW Immersion Cooling Initiative

Cleanspark, a sustainability-focused bitcoin mining company, has announced it will

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Regulator Claims South Africa Set to Unveil Cryptocurrency Regulatory Framework in Early 2022

In early 2022, South Africa will have a new regulatory framework that covers

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Reelected Miami mayor to take 401k retirement savings partly in Bitcoin

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez also receives a part of his salary in Bitcoin with the help of

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This Crypto Collaboration Aided Health Staff Beaten By Venezuelan Regime

As Venezuelans have struggled to survive the pandemic during times of dictatorship, the

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Altcoin Roundup: 3 metrics that traders can use to effectively analyze DeFi tokens

DeFi presents a wealth of opportunity for investors, but there are also risks. Here are

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Why “Bitcoin Creator” Craig Wright Came Out Ahead Despite Having To Pay $100 Million

On Monday, it was determined by a Miami court that Craig Wright, the alleged creator of

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How Polygon Sealed A $400M Deal To Get Ahead In The Ethereum ZK Rollup Race

Scaling solution Polygon has stepped up its Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof ambitions.

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Analysts say Bitcoin’s open interest wipeout ‘will give way to further upside’

Bitcoin’s drop to $42,000 obliterated its open interest and liquidated a large swath of

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Blockchain folk hero Nandy Martin hopes to build a better community for Haitians in Miami

So far, Martin has the support of both Cardano's founder Charles Hoskinson and Miami's

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Galaxy Digital CEO Explains Why Ethereum Is Outperforming Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s utility as an inflation hedge has been a big push for the adoption of the

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