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SEC chair warns about 'too good to be true’ returns amid market downturn

Gary Gensler added that he continued to be “intrigued with the technology,” but did not

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What happens if you lose or break your hardware crypto wallet?

The safety of the recovery phrase is way more important than keeping the hardware wallet

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’Nothing issue’ — MicroStrategy CEO plans to hodl Bitcoin 'through adversity’

Michael Saylor is anything but panicky as Bitcoin price weakness adds to MicroStrategy

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Following the signs: How crypto stickers led to a new career opportunity

A sign on the wall of a crypto company kicked off Daniel Karikari’s pursuit of a career

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OpenSea announces new security features to protect users from NFT scams

The new feature will automatically hide suspicious NFT transfers from view on their

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Crypto exchange Coinbase slashes staff by 18% amid bear market

After initially slowing down hiring, Coinbase announced plans to reduce its headcount by

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Binance aims to become a super app with Splyt crypto partnership

The partnership with the "super app enabler" will allow users to pay for taxi services

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Consensus 2022: Web3, unpacking regulations, and optimism for crypto’s future

Despite the crypto winter, the conference drew in 17,000 people to discuss the crypto

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El Salvador 'has not had any losses’ due to Bitcoin price dive, Finance Minister says

Salvadoran minister Alejandro Zelaya brushed off the media criticism of the nation’s

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What is MetaPay, and how does it work?

MetaPay, metaverse-based payment system, requires customers to have the MPay token to

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