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Lightning Network releases emergency update after critical bug on LND nodes

The bug led LND nodes to fail to sync chain in the second critical bug in less than a

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South African grocery giant ‘Pick n Pay’ intends to accept Bitcoin in all stores nationwide

The company said it will allow customers to pay with any bitcoin lightning-enabled app

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3 major mistakes to avoid when trading crypto futures and options

Leverage and hedging strategies are powerful ways to use derivatives contracts, but

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Apple’s absurd new crypto rules expose how out of touch it has become

The rules, which include enormous fees for cryptocurrency users, set the company up for a

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Moneygram to enable users to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency via mobile app

According to the company, users within select regions can now trade and store Bitcoin

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Bitcoin on-chain data flashes early signs of the BTC bottom being in

BTC bulls aim to confirm $20,000 as support as fresh on-chain data begins to signal that

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Biggest Movers: DOGE Over 130% Higher in the Last 7 Days

Meme coins remained higher on Tuesday, despite cryptocurrency markets mostly trading in

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Bitcoin resistance mounts pre-FOMC as Dogecoin sets 17-month BTC high

DOGE continues to outperform among major cryptocurrencies with macro volatility incoming

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MakerDAO co-founder Nikolai Mushegian dies at 29 in Puerto Rico

Mushegian was an important figure in the crypto community, contributing to multiple

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Big Four Company EY Takes Wavespace Utility to the Metaverse

EY, one of the “big four” accounting companies, is taking part of its software suite into

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