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Proposed bill in Iran could ban all foreign-mined cryptocurrencies

Lawmakers seem to be attempting to establish a legal framework behind a Central Bank of

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ETH 2.0 Contract Exceeds 6 Million Ether, Data Shows Ethereum Outperformed BTC in Q1 and Q2

Statistics show that the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract has exceeded 6 million ether this

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Bitcoin’s key momentum metric hints at bullish divergence as BTC clings to $33K

The RSI is seeing higher lows after rebounding from its oversold areas as Bitcoin price

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Kraken Director Dan Held Tags Traditional Financial Institutions A “Cartel”

Kraken Director Dan Held recently posted a tweet that shows what he thinks of the

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US Senator’s Advice: Buy, Hold, Save Bitcoin for Retirement as Congress Floods Economy With Trillions of Dollars

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis has encouraged “people to buy and hold” bitcoin in their

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44% of investors expect Bitcoin to drop below $30K in 2021: CNBC survey

CNBC surveyed a set of equity strategists and portfolio managers to understand investor

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NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers to wear crypto logo for next five years

The Trail Blazers will reportedly feature the StormX logo on team jerseys for the next

Read More Launched a User-Friendly Trading Bot for Cryptocurrency Traders

Automated trading has existed in one form or another for decades now, ever since it first

Read More blocks access to Bitcoin software download in the UK

Apart from removing the white paper, Cøbra has removed access to Bitcoin software for

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Robinhood IPO Filing Reveals $88 Billion in Cryptocurrency Trading, Dogecoin 34% of Crypto Revenue

Robinhood’s IPO prospectus shows that 9.5 million customers traded $88 billion of

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