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Japan’s crypto groups call for end of taxing paper gains

Danny Talwar from crypto tax platform Koinly said Japan’s regulatory environment makes it

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Pain ahead for algorithmic and non-cash backed stablecoins: IMF director

IMF Director Tobias Adrian believes uncollateralized and algorithmically-stabilized

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Pocket DAO Passes Two Key Proposals on Node Incentives

PRESS RELEASE. Pocket Network, a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider that services

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Square Enix to launch FF7: Nifty Newsletter, July 20–26

The Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 was created by blockchain platforms with the goal of

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Ethereum options data show pro traders ready to go long into ETH’s Merge

ETH price hit resistance at the $1,600 level, but this is not stopping options traders

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Bitcoin spikes above $22.2K as Fed votes for 75-basis-point rate hike

No surprises from the Fed as Bitcoin bulls see rewards for late longs with the press

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Steven Kokinos shifts to Algorand advisory role as company appoints interim CEO

Former Algorand CEO Steven Kokinos said he will stay on as a senior advisor and be

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Tether says it holds zero Chinese commercial paper, denies 85% exposure

Tether reports that its total commercial paper exposure has been cut to $3.7 billion from

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European banking regulator sees 'major concern’ in retaining staff to handle crypto: Report

José Manuel Campa reportedly suggested the European Banking Authority may be unprepared

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Bitcoin futures data shows 'improving’ mood’ despite -31% GBTC premium

CME futures data combines with numbers from derivatives platforms to suggest that

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