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Crypto offers Russia no way out from Western sanctions

Crypto use is likely to grow among ordinary citizens of both nations — though it won’t

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Waves risks ‘death cross’ plunge after price rallies 88% in six days

Waves’ price has rallied to a historically significant level of resistance, raising death

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Google Trends data reveals that no one cares about the metaverse or NFTs in 2022

Search interest for keywords “metaverse” and “NFT” has continued to drop since the start

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How are crypto execs reacting to economic sanctions against Russia?

Most companies in the United States and other Western nations are no longer allowed to

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Bitcoin returns to test $40K as macro factors pile up to squash BTC bulls

Bitcoin price action goes from $45,000 to $40,800 in 48 hours thanks to an increasingly

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The Sandbox metaverse hits 2M users, begins K-pop partnership

There are 200 quests in which players can complete to earn a chance of getting an Alpha

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City-building startup Praxis secures $15M in Series A Funding

For “a more vital future,” Praxis is one step closer to building a crypto-powered city

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New York Bitcoin mining moratorium bill garners more support

The bill to suspend crypto mining for three years is gaining steam in New York State,

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Russian crypto volume across major exchanges plunges by 50%

Despite an increase in economic sanctions on Russia, the amount of crypto being purchased

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NFT infrastructure startup Rarify raises $10M from Pantera Capital

Rarify’s valuation has shot up to $100 million following the latest funding round as the

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