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Total supply of stablecoins dropped sharply for first time ever in Q2

A separate graph also saw USDC and BUSD supply drop sharply in May, however both have

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Dibbs Marketplace to Start Accepting Transactions in USD Coin

Dibbs, a blockchain-enabled marketplace backed by Amazon, announced on Wednesday the

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Former president of the New York Stock Exchange joins Uniswap Labs as an advisor

Uniswap said it is betting on her experience with TradFi translating over to DeFi to

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Ankr partners with Optimism to provide a fast and reliable RPC service for users

Ankr also said that it will incentivize independent Optimism node operators to add their

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Large Bitcoin liquidations mean one man’s pain is another man’s pleasure — Time to buy the dip?

Pro traders were forced to cut their losses after margin and futures markets became

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Nifty Newsletter: Mastercard to enable direct NFT purchase, NFT floor prices collapse and more

Last week, Apocalyptic Apes founder Bill Starkov told Cointelegraph that NFT holders can

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Bitcoin is here to stay even as new innovations develop — Bybit founder

Ben Zhou, the founder of Bybit, said that the exchange is putting some focus on educating

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Chainlink integrates with Moonbeam to provide price data to Polkadot developers

Derek Yoo, the founder of Moonbeam, noted that the integration lets their platform

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DeFi contagion fears and rumors of Celsius and 3AC insolvency could weigh on NEXO price

Nexo says it currently has no exposure to Three Arrows Capital and has 100% liquidity to

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Celsius reportedly seeks advice from lawyers on restructuring

Celsius reportedly onboarded attorneys to find different solutions to the current

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