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Bitcoin mining ban an easy decision for China, says Bitmain EMEA partner

Half of what was lost due to China’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining will never go back

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Bitcoin price can only go up if $30K accumulation ‘reset’ continues — Research

Investors who sold BTC above $30,000 on the way to all-time highs are now buying back in,

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Nifty News: Muse frontman drops track as NFT, Chimps create NFTs and more…

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy is tokenizing and selling a song recorded on the same guitar

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Bitcoin Whale Address Moves 3,129 BTC from Binance to Xapo

BTC's exchange supply ratio has dropped sharply in the last few

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TA: Ethereum (ETH) Tumbles, Why Key Indicators Suggest More Pain

Ethereum declined below the main $2,000 support zone against the US Dollar. ETH price is

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TA: Bitcoin Turns Vulnerable, Why BTC Could Nosedive Below $32K

Bitcoin price is slowly moving lower and it is trading well below $33,500 against the US

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Concern as Uniswap-backed 'DeFi Education Fund’ dumps $10M worth of UNI

The recently formed DeFi Education Fund has come under fire for abruptly announcing it

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3,000+ PlayStation Consoles Discovered In Raid, Modified To Mine Crypto

We’ve seen esports and gaming get integrated in the crypto landscape left and right

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A Group of Users Is Battling Binance to Get Their Money Back After May’s Crash

A group of Binance customers are seeking to get their funds back after the platform froze

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Poland Regulators Spread Warning Against Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance

Poland Authorities have come up with their aggression against the most known

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