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Nifty News: DJ Paul Oakenfold to launch album on Cardano, NFL confirms NFTs, and more

The NFL has official confirmed its partnership with Dapper Labs to drop NFTs, renowned DJ

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New Australian crypto legislation likely in 2022, Senator Bragg tells NFT Fest

Talking about a digital asset plan being cooked up by a Senate inquiry, Senator Andrew

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Société Générale proposes historic $20M DAI loan in exchange for bond tokens

The digital assets division of the international bank wants to provide home loan-backed

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DOGE co-founder sets sights on Ethereum bridge and NFTs for mass adoption

Billy Markus has talked up a proposed Dogecoin-to-Ethereum bridge so that DOGE can be

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Why Is XRP Price Holding onto Yearly Gains despite Ripple’s Legal Issues?

Ripple Inc. is expanding its business into the NFT industry and XRP seems to be poised to

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Strong Bitcoin Fundamentals to Lead $500,000 per BTC Journey?

A significant recovery in mining rate, record volumes and rising institutional interest

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Ripple Launches $250 Million Creator Fund to Support NFTs on the XRP Ledger

The new fund will facilitate creators, brands and marketplaces to explore new use cases

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Bitcoin Millionaire Transfers $206 Million Worth of BTC to Binance

A leading crypto whale account moved 5,000 BTC from Xapo to

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TA: Bitcoin Regains Strength, Why Crypto Market Could Rally In Near Term

Bitcoin price remained well bid above the $40,750 support against the US Dollar. BTC

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Opposes Governments Regulating Crypto, Says They Should ‘Do Nothing’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks governments should not try to regulate cryptocurrency. “I

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