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Thailand threatens Facebook over crypto scams and other fraudulent ads

Thailand’s digital minister said he would seek a court order to shut Facebook in the

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Crypto miner Hive Digital CEO sees AI working in unison with blockchain

Despite the competition between the two sectors, Hive Digital Technologies CEO Aydin

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Sam Bankman-Fried will get one day in court to meet with lawyers

According to a judge's order, SBF will be allowed access to one laptop and “WiFi device”

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Coinbase takes equity stake in Circle as Centre Consortium shuts down

Circle will take on full operational and governance responsibility after five years,

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Central African Republic expands Sango project to land, resource tokenization

Asset tokenization has been in the works for a year. The ambitious project has also

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Dwindling optimism for Bitcoin ETF approval to blame as weekly crypto outflows hit $55M

Even altcoins slumped, with only Ripple's XRP and Cardano registering

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Coin Center responds to US lawmakers’ request for crypto tax guidance

The crypto advocacy group’s suggestions included a de minimis exemption for crypto

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Crypto futures and ETFs are knocking at the door: Law Decoded, Aug. 13–20.

SEC is likely to approve multiple applications for Ether futures exchange-traded funds

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The secret to successful branding in Web3: The science of choosing

One more thing: It is not an art or magic. There is a science to

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On-chain tool to seize crypto is a purist’s nightmare, but a must: CEO

A U.S. federal court recently used on-chain tech to lock criminals out of their crypto on

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