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Vale Diem: How Facebook’s ambitious stablecoin project came to an end

It only took Libra/Diem two years to come full circle from publishing its white paper to

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Russian region struggles to keep up with Bitcoin mining energy demands

A local energy distributor is working to recover about $800,000 from illicit

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Alphabet exploring blockchain technology for flagship services

Google's parent company is reportedly exploring applying emerging tech to its main

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US bobsledder feels the Bitcoin rhythm and orange pills his fans

Johnny Quinn, a U.S. Olympic bobsledder and former football player, is the latest

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Hodlers beware! New malware targets MetaMask and 40 other crypto wallets

Users have been warned against a new malware designed to steal crypto from browser

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BTC price faces crucial trend battle as Bitcoin RSI confirms breakout

Bulls have something to celebrate after a classic on-chain metric prints its first major

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MicroStrategy lost $146M to Bitcoin impairment charges in Q4 2021

MicroStrategy currently holds a total of 125,051 BTC acquired for $3.78 billion at an

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FTX acquires Japan’s FCA-licensed crypto exchange Liquid

As a part of the deal to comply with Japanese laws, FTX's Japanese users will be moved

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Nifty News: Coachella lifetime pass, WildEarth’s wildlife, Worms ditches NFTs after backlash

The Worms franchise won’t be coming to the blockchain anymore, WildEarth TV has launched

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Willy Woo: 'Peak fear’ but on-chain metrics say it’s not a bear market

“No doubt about it, people are really scared, which is typically [...] an opportunity to

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