lipiec, 2022to

Morgan Stanley encourages investors to buy battered El Salvador eurobonds

The banking giant estimated that El Salvador wouldn’t face any issues with its debt

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Solana price enters correction territory after 80% monthly gains

SOL's bear flag setup sees its price declining to $21 by September

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Life after crypto biz: Retrenched staff ponder future in the job market

Workers weigh up their futures in the cryptocurrency economy as tough market conditions

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NFT Community Hit by Another Twitter Hack

There has been another phishing scam that has hit the non-fungible token (NFT) community,

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Polygon zero-knowledge EVM Rollup aims at cheaper Web3 transactions

Polygon uses zero-knowledge proof to club multiple transactions into groups before

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Bitcoin price holds $23.5K, leading bulls to say ‘it’s different this time’

Traders expect BTC price to venture into the $27,000 to $32,000 range now that Bitcoin

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US Justice Department seized $500K in fiat and crypto from hackers connected to DPRK government

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said authorities relied on victims to report attacks

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Source claims 3AC’s Deribit exposure is worth much less than reported

The creditors of Three Arrows Capital may be left holding the bag, according to a source

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Bitcoin price moves toward $24K and traders expect further upside, after a support retest

BTC price is racing toward $24,000, but analysts warn that a lower support retest is

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Singapore’s financial watchdog pushes back against Terra and 3AC associations

According to the MAS managing director, TerraForm Labs, Luna Foundation Guard and Vauld

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