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Ethereum dev addresses node centralization concerns in runup to the Merge

A majority of 4,653 active Ethereum nodes are being run through centralized web providers

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Cardano hard fork ‘ever closer’ as upgraded SPOs account for 42% of blocks

IOHK wants to see at least 75% of new blocks coming from upgraded nodes, along with two

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Synthetix looks to turn off the SNX money printer once and for all

If the proposal were to take effect, Synthetix would much more closely resemble a

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Xbox boss keen on Metaverse but ‘cautious’ about play-to-earn games

Phil Spencer argues that “gamers have been in the Metaverse for 30 years” as games

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Zipmex requests meetings with Thai regulators to discuss ‘recovery plan’

The firm stated that its potential investors will also attend the meetings, which will

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Don’t trust your coins to anyone, Ledger CEO warns

The Ledger CEO said that until people begin using decentralized technology, control over

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Eminem and Snoop Dogg to perform Bored Apes track at MTV music awards

BAYC members Eminem and Snoop Dogg will perform ‘From the D 2 the LBC’ on a Otherside

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Does Bitcoin Price Show Signs Of Reversal After Trading Laterally?

Bitcoin price noted a sharp decline after the bulls were rejected at the $24,000 price

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LoopRing Price Lags Despite Relief, Is LRC Double-Digit Gain Feasible?

The price of LoopRing (LRC) has shown no sign of relief bounce against Tether as it

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Alameda Research and FTX merge VC operations: Report

Alameda's investment arm, FTX Ventures, and crypto exchange FTX will reportedly continue

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