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December DeFi exploits were the lowest in 2022: Finance Redefined

The DeFi market didn't see much change in its first week of new year compared to the last

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Huobi net outflows crossed over 60M within the past 24 hours: Report

According to a report by Nansen, approximately $94.2 million has flowed out of the

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Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade could supercharge liquid staking derivatives — Here’s how

Traders are contemplating what will happen to ETH price and staked Ether derivatives

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Marathon Digital experiments with overclocking to increase competitive advantage

According to the company, it produced 475 BTC in December 2022, bringing its total mined

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Crypto companies aim to build trust within future products and services

Companies are taking new approaches to building trust within Web3 and crypto

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Singapore’s lobbyists oppose proposed blanket ban on lending crypto tokens

The feedback was given in response to a proposed ban by the Monetary Authority of

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Industry seeks solutions for NFT image-hosting disasters

NFT project executive Alex Altgausen said that if NFT projects want to disrupt

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Mt.Gox repayment registration deadline moved to March 2023

The deadline for the base repayment, early lump-sump repayment and intermediate repayment

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1.5M houses could be powered by the energy Texas miners returned

Bitcoin miners appeared to be the model consumers for the ancillary services in the

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Mutant Ape Planet creator arrested in NY for alleged $2.9M NFT 'fraud’

The developer of a Mutant Ape Yacht Club knock-off collection has allegedly “defrauded”

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