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NFT sales volume upward trend to continue, industry execs say

CoinW executive Sonia Shaw told Cointelegraph that the recent uptick in NFT sales shows a

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Goldman Sachs leads $95M funding round for blockchain payment firm Fnality: Report

With $158 million of total capital raised since 2019, Fnality plans to launch the

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XRP jumps then dumps on faked BlackRock XRP trust filing

XRP’s price surge was short-lived and has almost returned to its original

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First deadline window looms for SEC to approve Bitcoin ETFs: Law Decoded

Even if approved by Nov. 17, the spot Bitcoin ETFs are unlikely to come to market for at

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APEC finance ministers to share perspectives on crypto at meeting in San Francisco

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she is looking forward to hearing from the

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XRPL’s fixReducedOffersV1 upgrade initiates 80% consensus countdown

FixReducedOffersV1 aims to minimize the prevalence of order books obscured by reduced

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Ex-FTX execs team up to build new crypto exchange 12 months after FTX collapse: Report

The cryptocurrency exchanges offers a self-custody solution that integrates a multiparty

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Bitcoiners pitch draft bill to preserve blockchain, decentralization in Argentina

The group, “Bitcoin Argentina,” previously rejected the idea that regulation was needed

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Why is Solana price up this week?

Solana's price is up 40% this week due to easing FTX-dump fears and growing Bitcoin ETF

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Indian Supreme court rejects crypto petition, highlights legislative nature

Listening to the plea, the bench headed by the Chief Justice of India (CJI) remarked that

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