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Bitcoin Sinks Below $30K

Investors on Wednesday decided that bitcoin wasn’t such a good deal after all. Recently,

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Mental health and crypto: How does volatility effect well-being?

Crypto addiction has become a new disease for investors: Who is affected, how to

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Coinbase chief legal officer responds to SEC disclosure FUD

Paul Grewal, the chief legal officer of Coinbase, highlighted that the funds of customers

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US energy company opens crypto mining facility in Middle East to use stranded natural gas

Denver-based Crusoe Energy will help the Middle East nation to cut the gas flaring with

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Investors’ perception of crypto is changing for the better: Economist survey

Investors see cryptocurrencies as increasingly useful as the portfolio diversifies,

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Ethereum 2.0: Can the Network Upgrade Save ETH?

With the launch of Beacon Chain in December 2020, Ethereum 2.0 officially started its

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Community fires back at anti-crypto letter sent to US lawmakers

Tech lawyer Preston Byrne blasted the signatories, describing some of them as

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South Korean government becomes an early investor in the Metaverse

South Korea’s rising interest in nascent tech could prompt other nations to take the idea

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Bitcoin daily mining revenue slumped in May to eleven-month low

Bitcoin miners have had a tough month, with revenue and profitability tanking in May.

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Taco tokens: Chipotle adds crypto payments via Flexa

Nearly 3,000 Chipotle restaurants across the U.S. will accept 98 cryptocurrencies as the

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