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How will ChatGPT affect the Web3 space? Industry answers

From smart contract auditing to enhancing user interactions, executives point out how

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’Wave lower’ for all markets? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

BTC price hovers in a tight range, but Bitcoin analysts are predicting a grim end to the

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Ethereum bulls wake up after four years to transfer 22,982 ETH

The ETH tokens in question originated from trading platforms Genesis and Poloniex and

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Nigeria set to pass bill recognizing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The slated law comes as Nigeria's eNaira has only managed to obtain a 0.5% adoption rate,

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$4B OneCoin scam co-founder pleads guilty, faces 60 years jail

The co-founder of the fraudulent scheme is set to be sentenced in April 2023 on charges

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Israeli court rules authorities can seize crypto in 150 blacklisted wallets

Over 150 crypto wallets blacklisted for alleged links to funding terror groups can now be

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US Senate banking chair floats possibility of banning crypto

Despite suggesting a possible ban, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown stated it would be “very

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350 new 'scam tokens’ were created every day this year: Solidus Labs

From September 2020 to Dec. 1 over 200,000 scam tokens were created with well over half

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The Federal Reserve’s pursuit of a 'reverse wealth effect’ is undermining crypto

The Federal Reserve is seeking to push investors into reevaluating their portfolios by

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The crypto exchange says that user funds are safe and that transactions are still being

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