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New token by ConsenSys enables security audits for the highest bidder

Security auditing is set to be tokenized by ConsenSys Diligence as TURN tokens are

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3D NFT marketplace bridges three-dimensional functionality across metaverses

A selection of leading artists and creators are set to provide novel creations and assets

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Busking on Bitcoin: How Lightning Network outperforms Ethereum for tipping

A busker in British Columbia got a lesson in the Lightning Network after a passerby

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Liquidity protocol uses stablecoins to ensure zero impermanent loss

The cross-chain liquidity protocol has put a special focus on user experience with a

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Aave taps Pocket Network to beef up decentralized app development

Aave will leverage Pocket's distributed network of 44,000 nodes to access on-chain data

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Bitcoin is for billions: Fedimint on scaling BTC in the global south

A community custody protocol, Fedimint wants to scale the Bitcoin network to a billion

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Dubai to ramp up metaverse efforts with 40,000 new jobs

The emirate launches its Dubai Metaverse Strategy, aiming at the world’s top 10 metaverse

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100X Bitcoin energy use would mean ‘absurd’ $20M BTC price — developer

For Bitcoin energy usage to increase to absorb more of the world’s waste energy, its

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Ethereum staking service Lido announces layer-2 expansion

Lido Finance has announced plans to offer its ETH staking services across the entire L2

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Marathon inks new arrangements to achieve 2023 hash rate target

The Bitcoin mining firm is looking beyond its current troubles into next year to secure

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