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Dutch Authorities Seize Cryptocurrency Worth Over 25 Million Euros

Dutch authorities have seized more than 25 million euros in cryptocurrencies, including

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Crypto Advocates Weigh ETF Rejection — Veteran Trader Peter Brandt Says Bitcoiners Should ‘Oppose Spot Bitcoin ETFs in US’

Following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rejection of Vaneck’s bitcoin spot

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Russia Fails to Act on Request to Help Freeze Millions in Crypto Withdrawn From Wex Wallet

The Russian Ministry of Interior has rejected a request filed by clients of Wex to do its

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South African Fintech Raises $120 Million in Funding Round Led by Fidelity

A South Africa and London-based fintech startup, JUMO, recently revealed it has raised

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Adapt or die: Venture capital vs. crypto, blockchain, DAOs and Web 3.0

Venture capital cannot just stick to its existing structures and processes if it wants to

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BREAKING: The Bitcoin network welcomes Taproot soft fork upgrade

Taproot soft fork introduces the concept of Merkelized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST) to

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Goldman Sachs: Gold Is Becoming Poor Man’s Crypto

Goldman Sachs’ head of energy research says, “Just like we argue that silver is a poor

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Every Large Bank Will Actively Consider Crypto in 1-3 Years, Says Former Citi CEO

A former CEO of Citigroup said that every major bank and securities firm will consider

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Crypto Exchange Gemini Adds Shiba Inu Support — SHIB Investors Hopeful Robinhood Will Be Next

Another major cryptocurrency exchange has added support for the meme cryptocurrency shiba

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Visa Executive Says Crypto Is ‘Becoming Cool’ — Sees Whole New Class of Mainstream Consumers Entering the Space

Visa’s head of crypto sees a “whole new class” of mainstream consumers entering the

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