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Arbitrum-based Jimbos Protocol hacked, losing $7.5M in Ether

The attacker used the lack of slippage control over tokens to steal the

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Hong Kong Police Force launch new metaverse platform, ‘CyberDefender’

The platform was launched to promote crime prevention in the metaverse, with the police

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Biden reaches 'tentative’ U.S. debt ceiling deal: Report

According to one of the sources familiar with the negiotation, there "might be one or two

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Why is Grand Theft Auto 6 unlikely to incorporate cryptocurrencies?

From time to time, rumors surface that Grand Theft Auto 6 will integrate cryptocurrency,

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Binance kicks off transition to new platform in Japan

The move follows the acquisition of the regulated crypto exchange Sakura Exchange Bitcoin

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Crypto Stories: Cheds recounts how he leaned on crypto during his toughest times

Cheds shares the story of how he shifted his focus to crypto after being diagnosed with

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How are NFTs used in fashion and wearables?

The fashion industry is progressively employing NFTs in conjunction with virtual

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Stargate community proposes removal of Fantom USDC pool to mitigate risks

So far, a total of 1.7 million verified members of the Stargate community have voted in

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Nigerian crypto company suspends withdrawals after BTC and naira compromise

Efforts are underway to recover compromised assets and enhance security measures as users

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How to learn JavaScript using ChatGPT

Discover how to learn JavaScript effectively using ChatGPT, an AI-powered language

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