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Finance Redefined: 1M ETH burned since EIP-155 and Dorsey drops tbDEX white paper, Nov. 19–26

1 million Ether has been burned since the London hard fork, Square released a beta white

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Vitalik Buterin proposes calldata limit per block to lower ETH gas costs

Buterin issued a decrease-cost-and-cap proposal that aims to reduce unprecedented levels

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El Salvador celebrates Black Friday, buys 100 BTC for 20% off

With the addition of the 100 coins today, El Salvador holds 1,220 BTC, worth roughly

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Tanzania reportedly makes plans to launch CBDC

The central bank has “already begun preparations” for a digital shilling, according to

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DappRadar pivots business model to DApp store with native token

The Lithuanian service will launch its utility token to support Web 3.0 governance on the

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Stablecoin issuers poised to be banks of the future on road to adoption

Stablecoins are destined to grow, experts suggest, but are regulations the only way for

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Hackers can use compromised Google Cloud accounts to install mining software in under 30 seconds: Report

The report said the actors usually gained access to Cloud accounts because of “poor

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Moon Landing initiative brings neurodiversity to NFTs and supports art nonprofits

A blend of contemporary popular culture, nostalgia and empowerment will be the main

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Flexible Staking Now Live on Bybit’s ByFi Center

Bybit recently launched Flexible Staking on its ByFi Center. This new service allows

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