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Social token platform Rally announces shutdown of sidechain

Rally cited a “challenging year” for the crypto industry in its decision to “begin to

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Court permits Core Scientific to borrow $70M to replace existing loan

Investment bank B. Riley is already a Core Scientific creditor and tried to provide funds

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Wormhole wins second ‘temp check’ to become bridge for Uniswap governance

Wormhole got over 60% of the vote in the Uniswap DAO referendum, with LayerZero coming in

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Blockchain provider SIMBA Chain awarded $30M by US Air Force STRATFI program

According to SIMBA Chain, the investment will go toward developing blockchain

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Bitcoin mining advocate is going state-to-state to educate US lawmakers

The legislatures in Mississippi and Missouri have separately introduced bills aimed at

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Examiner finds customer deception, ‘very Ponzi-like’ use of funds at Celsius

The court-appointed examiner found many intentional and unintentional shortcomings at the

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Rumor has it that Dogecoin could shift to proof-of-stake — What does that mean for miners?

Dogecoin shifting to proof-of-stake would be good for the environment, but what impact

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5 altcoins that produced double-digit gains as Bitcoin price rallied in January

Bitcoin’s strong monthly performance translated to outsized gains in APT, GALA, T, MANA

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Opinion: Have Brazil’s Lula and Argentina’s Fernandez heard of cryptocurrency?

Brazil’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Argentina’s Alberto Fernández want to create a

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Cronos Labs to accept second cohort for $100M-backed Web3 accelerator program

The program aims to provide selected projects with upfront seed funding of $30,000 in

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