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Who Will Build the Metaverse?

Will the metaverse be developed by incoming web3 natives, existing web2 powerhouses,

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Crypto Are More Popular than Mutual Funds among Millennials

Recently, investing firm Alto recently surveyed adults based in the United States to find

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Celebrity-endorsed Crypto Scams Rising in UK

Banco Santander SA’s local unit said that celebrity-endorsed cryptocurrency scams in the

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Lending network enables transparent credit history in Africa via blockchain partnership

Creditcoin founder Tae Oh said the partnership brings them closer to their goal of giving

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Old BTC Supply Hits All-Time High

Dormant BTC addresses are rising sharply in the latest crypto winter. According to the

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MicroStrategy scoops up 480 Bitcoin amid market slump

The business intelligence firm has now amassed 129,699 BTC at an average price of

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21Shares responds to bear market with crypto winter ETP

The Swiss crypto ETP issuer wants to make it easier for investors to get exposure to

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Alkemi Earn integration brings DeFi lending to 1.5M Ledger users

The objective of the Ledger project is to provide consumers with a way to purchase and

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Flipside Crypto launches NFTs to pull multi-chain data

Flipside Crypto co-founder and CEO Dave Balter stated the NFTs will save users the

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Bitcoin Lightning Network developer updates node software with Taproot support

The latest software release, named lnd 0.15 beta (v0.15-beta), aims to empower developers

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