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How to Address the Regulation of NFTs

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are here to stay; that is a fact. Thousands of users trade

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Magic Store’s Users Can Now Borrow NFTs, SQR Tokens

Magic Store, a community-app store that allows users to access all their crypto apps in

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UK government proposes additional safeguards against stablecoin failure risks

The Treasury wants to empower the Financial Market Infrastructure Special Administration

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Singapore to Explore Crypto Use Cases With DBS, JPMorgan and Marketnode

In exploration to use cases of digital assets in tokenization and decentralized finance

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Amid P2E downturn, Sky Mavis turns to user-generated content for Axie Infinity

Out of 2,000 applications submitted for the Axie Infinity Builders Program, only 12

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BNB Chain releases year-long technical roadmap to develop ecosystem

The major areas of focus surround increasing validator decentralization, developing

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How to get a job in the Metaverse and Web3

To land a job in the Metaverse and Web3, possess the right skills, interact and network

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Singapore to explore digital asset tokenization on public chains

The project will see MAS explore DeFi applications in wholesale funding markets by

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Philippines to explore blockchain use cases, launches training program

Enrico Paringit, an official at the Department of Science and Technology, said that the

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Crypto AUM Declines 28% in May Due to Market Crash

The growing cryptocurrency investment instruments showed the institutional demand for the

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