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Price analysis 2/18: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, AVAX, LUNA, DOGE, DOT

BTC is struggling to hold on to the $40,000 level, but a few analysts say

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Bitcoin at the barricades: Ottawa, Ukraine and beyond

If Bitcoin is used for fundraising, is it inevitably tarred by the cause to which it’s

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Terra injects 450M UST into Anchor reserve days before protocol depletion

The move is designed to maintain the stablecoin savings protocol's lucrative yield of

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U.S. inflation breaks 40-year record: Can Bitcoin serve as a hedge asset?

Many have likened BTC’s anti-inflation properties to those of gold, but there are

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Crypto community condemns Canada for freezing dissidents’ Bitcoin wallets

Kraken’s CEO admitted that the firm could be forced to freeze some wallets by the police,

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‘Off the charts’: Zynga blockchain exec praises P2E gaming talent

Blockchain and the play-to-earn gaming movement could become even more addictive in 2022

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Fidelity analyst: Bitcoin price up-down debate ‘mostly noise,’ watch network’s Apple-esque growth

The number of users on the Bitcoin network keeps growing higher, drawing comparisons to

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Crypto bill incoming: Russia’s finance ministry kicks off public comment period

The Ministry of Finance is seeking industry and public input on how to regulate digital

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DeFi may turn to DAO governance to reduce regulatory risks in 2022: Report

“If DeFi aims to reduce regulatory risk, the form of DeFi governance will gradually

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Chinese banking regulator warns against fraud risks in the metaverse

Chinese authorities called the metaverse “attractive and deceptive,” where users are

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