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Ripple Opens New Office in Toronto

Ripple, one of the leading blockchain and crypto solutions providers, announced recently

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Bitcoin miner ‘capitulation event’ may have already happened — Research

Investigative work argues that on-chain metrics are proving miners have capitulated,

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XRP price rally stalls near key level that last time triggered a 65% crash

Macro risks and a long-term bearish setup continue to spoil XRP’s bullish

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Solana smartphone Saga triggers mixed reactions from crypto community

From comparing the project to Apple and Ethereum to bringing up network outages, the

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Eminem and Snoop Dogg turn into BAYC chars in new music video

Eminem and Snoop Dogg bear an uncanny resemblance to Bored Apes in the new semi-animated

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Coinbase to Target Retail Traders with First Bitcoin Derivatives

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, formerly FairX, is launching its first crypto derivatives

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Hoskinson pitches software-enabled crypto self-regulation to Congress

Hoskinson feels regulations for the crypto industry should be defined better, but that

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Former Chancellor says UK is falling behind on crypto opportunity

The former chancellor said there was a particular lack of regulatory structure in regards

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Nifty News: Apecoin no longer going bananas, Pharrell touts Doodles and more

Popular musician Pharrell Williams has become the chief brand officer of the Doodles NFT

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Moody’s downgrades Coinbase due to bear: Warns it may not be the last

Moody’s said further downgrades could follow if Coinbase doesn’t diversify from its

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