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Bitcoin hodlers will 'soon see why’ $21.6K BTC price pump is fake — trader

Suspicions over weekend strength come as traders send 17,500 BTC to Binance in less than

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The women of crypto take over Davos WEF

Talking with outstanding women at Davos, who are shaping the crypto industry — Gender

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What is Bitcoin whale watching and how to track Bitcoin whales?

There are four primary ways to track whale activities, which include monitoring known

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How blockchain technology is used to save the environment

It’s hard to overestimate the role blockchain technology will play in achieving more

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Mastercard Joints with Fasset to Drive Crypto Adoption in Indonesia

Global tech payments firm, Mastercard, and a top crypto gateway provider in Indonesia,

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Axie Infinity: Re-engineering its destiny in the GameFi landscape

Can Axie Infinity rise to its former glory, as a form of “extreme entrepreneurship” where

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Bitcoin Bearish Signal: Exchange Netflows Spike Up

On-chain data shows the Bitcoin exchange netflow has observed a sharp positive spike

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Bitcoin ready to attack key trendline, says data as BTC price holds $20K

The 200-week moving average could see another test from the bulls next, according to

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Andorra green lights Bitcoin and Blockchain with Digital Assets Act

An analysis of Andorra’s Digital Assets Act and the potential confusion surrounding

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Rethinking approaches to regulation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Turning away from voluntary, fragmented utilization of innovations and decentralized

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