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IRS special agent: Crypto’s the future but there are ‘mountains of fraud’

IRS chief sees “mountains and mountains” of fraud in NFTs and cryptocurrencies as demand

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Crypto money laundering up by one third in 2021 but still below record

Chainalysis report detailed how cyber criminals laundered their crypto funds in 2021

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Ethereum bulls aim to flip $2.8K to support before calling a trend reversal

ETH price appears to be bottoming but analysts are watching for $2,850 to flip from

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SEC pushes decision on ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF to April 3

The regulatory body said it was "appropriate to designate a longer period" to approve or

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Valkyrie aims for ETF linked to Bitcoin mining firms on Nasdaq

The proposed ETF would invest at least 80% of its net assets in securities of companies

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Turkish president orders ruling party to organize metaverse forum

Turkish officials have recently identified the metaverse as a priority area for policy

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BTC price hits $38K as Bitcoin analysts focus on weekly close

$39,600 is the favored short-term target, whether or not Bitcoin price action ultimately

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Bitcoin pundits split over BTC floor as Bloomberg analyst eyes bounce

The jury is out on what data to trust when it comes to Bitcoin putting in a local price

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NFL star’s massive tax bill highlights problems with BTC salaries

Odell Beckham Jr.’s reported BTC salary tax debacle may provide a dire warning for anyone

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Etherescan adds new messaging feature for anons: 'Blockscan Chat’

The Blockscan Chat service enables users to message each other via their Ethereum wallet

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