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CBDC will be used for ‘control,’ ECB president admits in vid chat with fake Zelensky

The ECB president admitted that “there will be control” in regards to a digital euro,

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Ethereum ‘re-staking’ protocol EigenLayer launches on testnet

The re-staking collective aims to address Ethereum validator economic

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UK uses Love Island star to warn finfluencers on crypto and investment schemes

The financial and advertising regulators posted a seven-part checklist to ensure these

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Scaramucci: 'We’re through the bear market’ as Bitcoin notches up 70% YTD

Bitcoin’s strong start to 2023 is persisting despite numerous headwinds, and is currently

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zkSync Era’s ‘elegant’ fix for 921 ETH ‘stuck forever’ in smart contract

Matter Labs confirmed the funds are safe and that they’ve found an “elegant solution” to

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DeSantis is right — CBDCs will lead to absolute government control

From China to Canada, it’s clear that governments around the world are salivating at the

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Smaller investors can have outsized impact on crypto investment markets: BIS study

Researchers looking at the “crypto carry” rate between spot and futures markets and its

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Paxful co-founders’ litigation cites misappropriation of funds, money laundering, U.S. sanctions evasion

A bitter dispute between Paxful's co-founders in Delaware courts may have led to the

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Washington state DFI warns Eucoinotrade may be engaging in ‘advanced fee fraud’

One user claims they were defrauded out of more than $50,000 by the website, which

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Solana reveals cost-cutting solution for on-chain storage

Known as state compression, the technology promises to drastically reduce the cost of

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