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Browser-based metaverse Portals aims to remove the need to get a VR headset

Portals co-founder Adam Gomez explained that a browser-based platform lowers the barrier

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Bitcoin stuck in a tight range as BTC price moving averages prepare key bullish cross

There is increasingly little room for maneuver on hourly and 4-hourly charts as the

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Crypto Biz: Wall Street is marketing Bitcoin for us, Feb. 3–9

Big banks continue to explore Bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s long-term value proposition

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Bitcoin briefly dethroned by unknown altcoin due to CoinGecko glitch

The list of top-valued coins on CoinGecko briefly went somewhat irrelevant, with BTC

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Bunny and Qubit turns to DAO following $80-million bug exploit

The exploit took place on the Ethereum–BSC bridge that saw the hacker use $185 million as

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Sustainable Bitcoin miner uses waste heat to dry wood

Not only does one Norwegian Bitcoin miner boast 99% renewable energy stats, but it’s even

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Ontario government freezes millions more in donations to Freedom Convoy

The second attempt to block funds from reaching the truckers through a traditional

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iOS jailbreak dev wins $2M bounty for finding critical Optimism bug

Ethereum scaling startup Optimism disclosed a “critical bug” fix in the project’s Geth

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YouTube sees ‘incredible potential’ in NFT video sales despite backlash threat

“There’s a lot to consider in making sure we approach these new technologies responsibly,

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