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Coinbase proposes crypto tech to promote global sanctions compliance

Grewal points out that laundering of fiat currency through traditional financial

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KyberSwap DEX launches on layer-2 network Arbitrum

The decentralized exchange has moved onto Arbitrum to help users get around Ethereum

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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, XRP, NEAR, XMR, WAVES

If BTC can flip $41,000 back to support, XRP, NEAR, XMR and WAVES could attract

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What is Solana, and how does it work?

Solana’s ambitious design aims to solve the blockchain trilemma; however, it still

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Stablecoins will have to reflect and evolve to live up to their name

Stablecoins have the possibility to become a promising alternative system amid global

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Non-crypto natives launch social tokens to engage with community and fans

Social tokens could be the next big trend in crypto this year, but regulatory concerns

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Institutions increase exposure to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust as GBTC discount nears 30%

More capital enters the flagship Grayscale trust as it eyes regulator approval to become

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Bitcoin heading to 36K, analysis says amid warning global stocks 'look expensive’

A cataclysmic breakdown in global equities is not off the table for this year, with a

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Solana TVL and price drop 50%+ from ATH, but gaming DApps could turn the tables

SOL price is down 48% year-to-date and data shows that its decentralized apps use is

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Impermanent loss challenges the claim that DeFi is the ‘future of France’

Investors are often lured to DeFi by the four-digit APYs on offer, but in many instances,

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