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India’s Cabinet Note Indicates No Crypto Ban — Government Will Regulate Crypto Assets: Report

India is no longer planning to ban cryptocurrency, a cabinet note circulated by the

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Renowned Poker Star Doug Polk Becomes Coinflex’s First Global Brand Ambassador

PRESS RELEASE. On the back of a big year for CoinFLEX, the crypto derivatives exchange

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Russia’s Telecom Watchdog Roskomnadzor Targets Another 6 VPN Providers

Roskomnadzor, the government body responsible for oversight of communications in Russia,

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’We want to be the AWS of crypto,’ says Coinbase exec

Coinbase officials have suggested that they need to become the "Amazon Web Services of

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Crypto community responds to Charlie Munger yelling at Bitcoin again

The Berkshire Hathaway vice-chair compares crypto to the dot-com era and blames crypto

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Russia to Decide Fate of Crypto Exchangers in 2022

Discussions on the future of “virtual currency exchangers” in Russia should be completed

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Hololoot Is Redefining The Metaverse Using Augmented Reality

The metaverse is a blossoming industry and as with any growing body, it needs

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NFT music platforms to disrupt Spotify in 2022, Saxo Bank predicts

Spotify and Apple Music reportedly cut 75% from musicians’ revenues together with the cut

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Ethereum ‘about to go parabolic’ against Bitcoin as analysts weigh BTC bear case

ETH/BTC stays near its highest since 2018, but that’s nothing compared to its next move,

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Nifty News: Ulbricht’s NFT bids top 261 ETH, Irishman producer funds movies with NFTs

Polygon has ramped up its NFT gaming plans with GameOn partnership, Irishman producer

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