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US lawmakers introduce bills that could force crypto exchanges to cut ties with Russian wallets

Brad Sherman said the Biden administration should have the ability to tell crypto

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Central Bank of Russia issues digital asset license to Sberbank in apparent policy reversal

The entity had previously called for the government to ban cryptocurrencies in

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RBI seemingly wants to ban cryptocurrencies, but not for the reasons you might think

It appears the root cause of concern is the potential for digital assets to disrupt the

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US lawmakers discuss crypto’s role in sanctions, national security and humanitarian aid

“Overattributing cybercrime to cryptocurrency misses critical causes and preventive

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ApeCoin announcement surges BAYC floor price to near-ATH before correction

The BAYC native asset is claimable for a 90-day window, with each holder receiving 10,000

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Ripple to give out 1 billion XRP in developer grants

The first two waves of the XRPL grant have offered $6 million in funding to 50 open

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Russia’s central bank goes to war: Is cryptocurrency a friend or foe?

Policymakers in Moscow are scrambling to rethink their approach to digital currency as

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Polygon onboards Simba Chain for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development

Simba aims to lower the barrier of entry into Web3 for Web2 firms with the help of a

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The Internet of Beer: Robotics startup taps Bitcoin to deliver automated beverage

Using their Lightning Network-supporting wallets, participants were able to receive their

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It’s official: Binance secures a license to operate in Dubai

It becomes the company’s second license in a Middle East jurisdiction obtained this

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