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G20 regulator to present global crypto rules in October 2022

The FSB seems more concerned with the crypto market given its recent turmoil and the

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3 reasons why Solana can repeat Ethereum’s 2018 fractal to 5,000% gains

Solana's price can mimic Ethereum's impressive recovery after the 2018 bear market,

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KPMG to audit new pound-backed stablecoin GBPT

In terms of daily turnover, the British pound (GBP) is the fourth most traded fiat

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US crypto regulation bill aims to bring greater clarity to DAOs

The Responsible Financial Innovation Act proposes a comprehensive set of regulations for

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Tether fortifies its reserves: Will it silence critics, mollify investors?

USDT is under attack from short sellers. Would they go away if only the company hired a

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PoS gives Ethereum the economic structure to overtake Bitcoin, says DeFi researcher

Researcher Vivek Raman said that after the Merge, ETH inflation will be lower, security

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Dutch bank ING sells digital asset tool Pyctor to GMEX

GMEX has acquired ING’s Pyctor business to connect CeFi and DeFi amid the increasing

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Terra crash highlights stablecoin risk to financial stability: ECB

A recent ECB report says stablecoins are not practical as a mode of payment and their

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Want a compelling use case for privacy blockchains? Look no further than dating

Businesses are in love with Web3 — but when it comes to this technology being used for

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Grayscale legal officer says Bitcoin ETF litigation could take two years

Grayscale argues that the differences between futures and spot Bitcoin ETFs have no

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