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Bitcoin clings to $19K as trader promises capitulation ‘will happen‘

A dull weekend sees BTC price action erase any trace of the week's volatility as

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The state of crypto in Western Europe: Swiss powerhouse and French unicorns

From taxes and legislation to the local startups and professional associations — all you

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Ethereum Wallet Metamask Adds Bank-to-Crypto Transfers via Sardine

According to a Consensys blog post published on October 11, the Ethereum-based wallet

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India aims to develop crypto SOPs during G20 presidency, says finance minister

Sitharaman has previously called for global collaboration to decide on crypto's future

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Wintermute repays $92M TrueFi loan on time despite suffering $160M hack

After repayment of TrueFi’s $92 million loan, Wintermute still owes $97.4 million to

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What is a Web3 browser and how does it work?

Web3 browsers like Brave allow users to access DApps, integrate cryptocurrencies and surf

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It’s time for the feds to define digital commodities

Europe will leave the United States behind unless lawmakers act to provide clear

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Nodes are going to dethrone tech giants — from Apple to Google

Decentralized systems are slowly putting power back in the hands of developers and users

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Grayscale BTC Trust trades at a record 36.7% discount, but is it justified?

Grayscale’s BTC trust trades at a 36.7% discount to their actual BTC holdings, and it’s

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Biggest Movers: QNT Hits 10-Month High on Saturday

Quant rose to its highest point since the start of the year on Saturday, as prices

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