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PayPal to Allow Exchange of Cryptos with External Wallets

On Tuesday, PayPal (Nasdaq: PYPL), a major global payments platform, announced that the

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LINK marines rejoice after Chainlink 2.0 brings a new roadmap and staking

LINK price broke its downtrend and rallied to $9 after the developers released a roadmap

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Chainalysis exec touts blockchain analysis to Senate homeland security committee

Three experts from the private sector appeared before the Senate committee Tuesday to

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Bitcoin price recovers $31.5K, but traders say ‘scam’ price action will bring more downside

BTC price rallied back to a strong resistance level at $31,500, but traders caution that

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TrueFi launches on Optimism, expanding access to on-chain credit

Several projects have launched on Optimism this year with the goal of giving users

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UK to Test Blockchain Technology in Traditional Market Activities

On Tuesday, the UK Finance Ministry announced that the country will start live testing

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PayPal enables transfer of digital currencies to external wallets

The move comes after nearly two years since PayPal enabled users to buy and sell crypto

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Glassnode: Bitcoin Long-Term Holders Own 90% Of Supply In Profit

Latest data from Glassnode shows Bitcoin long-term holders currently own around 90% of

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Sold your SOL? Solana price eyes 35% jump as two technical signals flip bullish

Solana's nearly 80% year-to-date decline is likely to follow up with some relief rallies,

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Aurora pays $6M bug bounty to ethical security hacker through Immunefi

Over $200 million worth of users' funds could have been at risk if the whitehat had

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