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Circle looks to reaffirm commitment to transparency as USDC market share soars

"With USDC, our business model is minimizing risk, not taking and managing risk,” wrote

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What does a bear-market ‘cleanse’ actually mean?

The latest bear market should send a clear signal to projects: It’s all about finding a

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NFT platform wars could be ahead, says new DappRadar report

OpenSea, UniSwap, MagicEden, eBay and others are acquiring NFT aggregation tools and

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Ethereum Name Service registrations surge by 200% amid lower gas fees

ENS domain registrations went from 11,042 to 29,727, as the domain “000.eth” was bought

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Bear market delivery! Bitcoiner rejoins DoorDash to buy more BTC

A software developer from Ohio is taking on extra work at DoorDash to grow his stack of

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Majority of British crypto owners revealed to be hodlers: Survey

In the U.K., crypto owners prefer centralized exchanges and claim their assets to be

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Filing for bankruptcy: Crypto lender Voyager Digital

Voyager Digital said it had filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday. This happened a week after

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SIX Digital Exchange Forms Strategic Partnership with Fireblocks

SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) recently confirmed that its Web3 Unit, SDX Web3 Services, has

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85% of merchants see crypto payments as a way to reach new customers: Survey

The crypto payment report noted that crypto payment fees are around 1%, which is much

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Crypto tax deters 83% Indian investors from crypto trading: WazirX report

With two consecutive taxes ready to eat away at their holdings, most Indian investors

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