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Metaverse market share to surpass $50 billion by 2026, says new report

A new report reveals the Metaverse will have a market share surpassing $50 billion by

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Bitcoin traders pinpoint key levels to watch as BTC price tests key trendlines

The 200-week moving average is just one of a series of lines in the sand for Bitcoiners

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Kim Kardashian’s legal team files motion to dismiss EthereumMax crypto lawsuit

Kim Kardashian’s lawyers filed a joint motion to dismiss the class-action complaint

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Singaporean financial watchdog to consult public on stablecoin regulation

The financial regulator admits it’s high time to shift the focus from the KYC/AML issues

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Swiss Sygnum Bank expands crypto staking with Cardano

Sygnum debuted cryptocurrency staking about two years ago with Tezos staking, eventually

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Crypto Investment Products Attract Record Inflows in July

<p>With the latest weekly inflows of $81 million, crypto investment products saw

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Nomad Bridge Suffers ~$200M Exploit

Bridge exploits continue to prove to be a top concern across DeFi and crypto at large, as

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Nomad token bridge drained of $190M in funds in security exploit

Hundreds of potential exploiters appear to have drained all of the bridge’s $190 million

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Coinbase, Binance and Kraken under scrutiny: Law Decoded, July 25-August 1

Enforcers around the world are demonstrating their interest to the industry's largest

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CBOE’s operating expenses spiked 312% due to underperformance of acquired crypto firm

A goodwill impairment from ErisX significantly hurt the company's GAAP earnings, but

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