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Sky Mavis Launches $1 Million Bug Bounty Program after Crypto Heist

Aleksander Leonard Larsen, the Co-Founder and COO of Sky Mavis software development

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No Bitcoin: Mozilla will only accept Proof of Stake crypto donations

The company has decided to begin accepting PoS crypto again after an outcry against

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Polygon commits to going carbon neutral in 2022

The network also pledged $20 million to offsetting their carbon footprint and fostering

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Celsius announces only transfers from accredited US-based investors will be able to earn rewards

Only “verified accredited investors” in the United States will be able to add coins to

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Nifty News: Bored & Hungry? Or want to listen to a podcast hosted by a Mutant Ape?

Bored Ape Yacht Club owners can take advantage of IP rights by auditioning for a BAYC

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Shiba Inu price soars 35% in one day as Robinhood lists SHIB for trading

But SHIB price risks another 50% decline as it continues to fluctuate inside a bearish

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Here’s how OpenSea NFT hacks hurt owners, buyers and even entire collections

Anyone can become the victim of a malicious NFT hack, so what more could OpenSea do to

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What are the worst crypto mistakes to avoid in 2022? | Find out now on The Market Report

On this week’s episode of “The Market Report,” Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss

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The aftermath of Axie Infinity’s $650M Ronin Bridge hack

Since the hack of Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge, developers behind the game have raised

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Study Reveals Surprising Gender Differences in Crypto Trading

More women are beginning to invest in cryptocurrencies than men according to a recent

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