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Nigeria to pilot central bank digital currency in October

The Central Bank of Nigeria will start the pilot of its central bank digital currency,

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Binance US ‘looking at IPO route,’ CZ says

Binance is set to face heavy regulations in the future with the mindset of shifting from

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Paxos Standard Presents Assets Backing Its Stablecoins

Paxos, a regulated blockchain company, recently presented the basket of resources that

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‘Buy now, pay later’ firm Zip plans to offer crypto trading in Australia and the US

“We know our younger generation of customers seek additional products and services that

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KFC Korea and TriumphX marketplace sign deal to develop NFT content

KFC wants to promote its branding to Koreans through nonfungible

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Pro-Trump MAGACOIN crypto launch marred by website data breach

Roughly 75 million MAGACOIN were created to support pro-Trump candidates in

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Possible ‘white hat hacker’ exploits THORChain for $8M, proposes 10% bounty

The white hat hacker claims to have mercifully minimized the damage of their $8 million

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‘Undo Button’ developer Kirobo launching decentralized P2P token swaps

Israeli blockchain tech developer Kirobo is set to launch a P2P token swap solution it

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Number of investors owning Bitcoin has tripled since 2018: Gallup Poll

Three times more U.S. investors are holding BTC now than in 2018 according to the

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Fund management firm Global X files with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF

As Bitcoin hovers around $30,000, fund managers are pressing ahead in an effort to get

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