czerwiec, 2021to

China crackdown shows industrial Bitcoin mining a problem for decentralization

The great hash rate plunge caused by an exodus of miners from China shows large scale

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Korean Crypto Exchanges Consider Suing Government Over Banking Requirements

All cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea except the largest four may be unable to meet

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Institutional Bitcoin Selloff Leaves Retail With Bloody Aftermath

Bitcoin price is trading at around 50% down from 2021 highs set around the Coinbase stock

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Indians Hold $40 Billion in Cryptocurrency, Report Suggests

Crypto investments in India have been gaining significant traction over the past year,

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’We don’t have much time left’ to regulate crypto, says Bank of France governor

"We in Europe need to move as quickly as possible or risk an erosion of our monetary

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Kraken Cuts Deposit Fees of over 70 Supported Cryptos to Zero

The company also praised that its Kraken mobile app launch in the US was a

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Bulls are back, but regulatory fears hamper the DeFi and altcoin recovery

Bitcoin is staging a comeback, but the lingering threat of regulation continues to weigh

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Ark Invest Files for a Bitcoin ETF

Ark Invest, the investment company founded by Cathie Wood, filed for approval to offer a

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Meet WorldCoin: How This Project Wants to Scan Everyone’s Eyeballs For Money

According to a Bloomberg report, Sam Altman has a new startup and is looking to give

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NYSE-Listed Investment Firm Says Bitcoin Will Crash To $12,000

On Monday, analysts Barry B. Bannister and Thomas R. Carroll at the equity trading desk

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