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MakerDAO launches biggest ever bug bounty with $10M reward

Immunefi’s largest bug bounty to date aims to help MakerDAO pinpoint potential

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OnlyFans offers NFT profile picture feature

One more social network seeks to maximize creator gains by integrating NFT capabilities

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Analysts say Bitcoin’s range-bound trading at a key support level reflects a trend reversal

BTC’s journey into the $43,000 to $46,000 price range could be another sign that the

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How HashEx is developing new auditing methods to outsmart hackers, as told by founder Dmitry Mishunin

Hackers manually find exploits in underlying smart contracts — The mass AI simulation of

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AXS, RON and SLP surge after Axie Infinity developers revamp the project’s tokenomics

Axie Infinity developers announced changes to the platform’s play-to-earn gaming economy,

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New Hampshire Governor issues executive order establishing commission to study crypto

The commission will have until Aug. 8 to submit a report "regarding the current status of

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How to create an ERC token without coding, explained

Tokens are more than an on-trend business move; they are a door into a new set of

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Top Latin American exchange Bitso officially expands to Colombia

Founded in 2014 in Mexico, Bitso is now officially present in Argentina, Brazil, El

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US Federal Reserve bank at the helm of CBDC research effort appoints new president

Susan M. Collins is set to become the first Black woman to head a Federal Reserve

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Canadian MP introduces bill aimed at encouraging growth in crypto sector

“To be a world leader, Canada needs to make sure cryptoasset experts and investors are

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