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Polygon stablecoin Qi Dao exploited for $13M on Superfluid vested contract

Early information suggested that the stolen funds belonged to some of the early backers

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From Morgan Stanley to crypto world: in a conversation with Phemex founder

Running a crypto business is no easy job. And running a crypto exchange might seem like

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Bitcoin Lightning Network goes live on Cash App

Cash App mentions that the Lightning Network feature is unavailable to users located in

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Simple math says Russia could collect up to $13B in crypto tax each year

The note mentioned that the estimates are an overview based on a tax slab of 6%, which

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Bitcoin rebound hits $45.5K as focus switches to future support retests

It’s been “up only” in recent days for Bitcoin price action, but when a retracement hits,

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Softbank backed startup to offer retail crypto trading

DriveWealth aims to be a crypto liquidity provider that enables its partners’ retail

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TA: Bitcoin is Surging, Why Bulls Could Aim More Upsides

Bitcoin gained pace above the $42,000 resistance zone against the US Dollar. BTC is now

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Latest DeFi bridge exploit results in $4.4M losses for Meter

Another token bridge suffered a malicious attack where tokens were minted by a hacker

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A quarter of people will spend time in the Metaverse by 2026: Research

The report also estimated that 30% of the organizations in the world will have products

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ENS dumps director of operations in condemnation of homophobic tweets

Twitter deleted the tweets in question and suspended Brantly Millegan’s account,

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