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DeFi sector TVL rises as investors return to a bullish crypto market

Decentralized finance token prices have begun to trend higher and the rise in the total

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DeFi Technologies subsidiary Valour surpasses $274 million in AUM

Due to regulatory policies, its ETPs are only currently trading on European

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ECB official suggests importance of physical stores accepting digital euro

Findings from the ECB's focus groups said the public was more likely to accept a digital

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Polygon ID platform seeks to enhance self-agency and privacy in the Web3 space

The zero-knowledge-based platform is expected to be fully operational in Q3 of

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Why the rise of a Bitcoin standard could deter war-making

If nation-states held their reserves in Bitcoin, instead of fiat, they would be less

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UK financial watchdog extends registration deadline for some crypto firms

As of March 25, there are 12 firms permitted to “carry out crypto asset activities” under

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Is China’s apprehension to ban NFTs a hopeful sign for investors?

China’s mixed signals regarding its local NFT industry have investors confused about

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Solana price up 50% in two weeks, but here’s why $120 will be hard to crack

Sales volume across Solana's NFT marketplaces has dropped by more than 13% in the last 30

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BlockShow returns as a DAO for community engagement and democratizing events

“You buy a ticket to an event, and you’re already part of a DAO and an owner of an NFT,

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OpenSea set to integrate Solana in April, further expanding the NFT ecosystem

Magic Eden is currently holding a monopoly in the Solana NFT space, but expect OpenSea to

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