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Indian crypto tax policy to treat each digital asset investment independently

The government intends to treat each crypto trading pair transaction separately,

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EU vote on Bitcoin mining: What does it mean for the industry?

A win in the European Parliament, but will mining rules have to change? “Eventually, only

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Turning losses to wins: How a Ponzi victim became a crypto evangelist

Mark Manansala entered the world of crypto through an unfortunate experience but didn’t

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SushiSwap community proposes Swiss legal structure to limit DAO liability

According to the proposer Tangle, the intended foundation will play a key role in

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Malaysian comms official calls on the state to legalize crypto and NFTs

Malaysia’s finance minister previously warned that crypto payments were illegal, as they

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‘No more 4-year cycles’ — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin avoids another “Bart” style price spike this weekend, but what‘s the mood like on

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Li Finance protocol loses $600,000 in latest DeFi exploit

Li Finance protocol users suffered losses amounting to around $600,000. Some of them have

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Australian Senator proposes landmark Digital Services Act

The new legislative package will address issues in crypto custody, taxation and DAO

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Amid conflict, NFT projects already seek to rebuild Ukraine

Ukraine is raising funds using NFTs, showcasing the decentralized, trustless nature of

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Inside the blockchain developers’ mind: How to avoid development hell

Developing the blockchain framework has always been incredibly challenging. Let’s dive

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