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XRP price disappoints after court ruling, Deaton remains optimistic

While the pro-XRP lawyer didn’t anticipate XRP reaching a new all-time high after the

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Tether unveils mining software to boost efficiency and capacity

The recently introduced Tether BTC mining software’s primary aim is to enhance the

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X will foot legal bills of users unfairly treated by employers for posting or liking content — Elon Musk

The move appears to be in support of people that were fired or mistreated at work for

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FBI warns of phishing scams and social media account hijackers

The FBI warned that the account hijackers work to “create a sense of urgency” with their

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Alchemix reports return of all stolen funds from Curve pools

The attacker started returning stolen funds after accepting nearly $7 million in bug

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No crypto plans for X: Elon Musk debunks scam token claims

Elon Musk addressed the issue of scam tokens falsely claiming connections to the social

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BTC hodlers outperformed crypto funds by 69% in H1: 21e6 Capital

According to 21e6 Capital AG, crypto funds generally outperformed the price gains of BTC

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JPEG’d confirms return of 5,495 ETH from Curve hacker

The hacker drained a number of pools on Curve Finance, stealing roughly $70 million, but

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The absurd AI mania is coming to an end

AI large language models raised over $25 billion in the first half of 2023. The industry

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Coinbase CEO says leaving US 'not even in the realm of possibility right now’: Report

Brian Armstrong has previously suggested Coinbase might abandon the U.S. for a more

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