lipiec, 2021to

$30B ADA now staked as Alonzo smart contract excitement builds

Cardano launched its first Alonzo smart contract testnet on May 27. On June 11, IOHK

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Free TON DeFi Alliance announces 15M TON Yield Farming Program

Total Locked Value (TLV) of 10M was reached in the first 4 hours of the farming program.

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Robinhood Fined $70M For Causing “Significant Harm” To Customers

Robinhood has been fined by FINRA and the finance company will have to pay roughly $70

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Study names United States ‘most crypto-ready’ country

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether are considered to be commodities by the United

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’Negative’ Bitcoin daily chart means bulls must defend $29K — Peter Brandt

There's not much to be cheerful about when it comes to short-term BTC price action, the

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Centre to Expand USDC to Ten More Blockchains; Launches on Tron

Centre, the consortium behind the issuance of USD Coin (USDC), announced it will launch

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UK chancellor names CBDC on list of financial reforms for Treasury

“While I believe in the power of new technology, we also need to manage its impact on our

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Stablecoin insurance firm Bridge Mutual to protect against possible Tether depegging

Years of regulatory uncertainty around Tether could be offset by newfound investor

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Elon Musk Tweet Sends New Baby Doge Coin Soaring — Meme Token’s Daily Gains Jump 228%

While dogecoin and the ERC20 token shiba inu have surprised the masses with phenomenal

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Coincidence? Bitcoin Wallet Accumulates 160K BTC As Soros Fund Talk Spreads

As Bitcoin struggles to make a decisive move upwards, big news has had little effect to

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